What is your favorite spring bloom?

Mine would probably be the wild Violets of Spring, but there really are not any flowers or flowering shrubs or trees that I don't like! Lilacs are surely a favorite too!

Tell me yours!

That’s a hard one. I adore all flowers. But maybe if it’s just spring blooms then camelia, the pink ones as they are like a massive explosion of pink. Really in your face. Lilac is beautiful too but it flowers a little later here in the uk

Oh, I was just looking at my garden (if you could call it that) and some things are bravely poking through in spite of the fact we had SNOW yesterday yet it was 65 degrees last week.

I love so many flowers…Lilacs are my favorite because of the smell and look but I love what I think are cherry or apple blossoms? They grow on trees around here but aren't around long.


Yay! Hi Sioux! :-)

Sioux Gifford said:


Hey Nichole!

Lilacs for me, too!

Smelling them makes me think of the magic of springtime all the way back to when I was a little kid.

I have had lilac bushes at nearly every home that I have ever lived in (that's a lot) and thankfully, we have some at our new home, too.

I plan on planting even more! Even just thinking about them makes me happy!

We have the french purple and also the white, I'd like a pink one too!

How lovely, SK!
I was so sad to lose it, but right where my house is sitting now, was a giant cluster of deep, deep purple, almost black lilacs. I had never seen any like that before! The bush must have been 100 years old, like the house, and the roots were so intertwined and deep that we weren't able to save any of them :-(
So! We plant more!
I am glad that there are a few light purple and white left! We also have honeysuckle which smells lovely, too - even though it's a little invasive. At least it blocks the view from our cranky neighbors! Haaha!

SK said:

We have the french purple and also the white, I'd like a pink one too!