Let's have a PET talk

Yes, you read that right. Let's talk pets.

From the scaled ones to the furry ones, that goldfish in a bowl to a majestic horse, a majority of us, if not all, have at least one.

And for various reasons: a hand down from a dear friend, a guide/guard dog, therapy. I even shared a blog here about pets detecting illnesses.

So let's start sharing some: post something about your pet, a story, pictures! We love to see them!

And perhaps start a group on pets as well.

Let me start the ball rolling with mine. Here's a picture of my pet.

NAH, just kidding! I can't afford a TIGER. I can only wish. Here are my adorable shih-tzus.

Aren't they as cute as they get?

Your puppies are ADORABLE!!

This is Gin-Gin my guinea piggy, I would rather have a dog or a cat but the hubby is allergic, and I haven't had the heart to get rid of him yet, so this is the best I got for now!!

134-DSC01496.JPG (2.39 MB)

Aww! I love them all!

I have always thought Guinea pigs are so cute! I love the little sounds they make.

Here are my sweeties, Pronto and Rosie. My little Pronto passed away last May, but he's still with us everyday in spirit!

Rosie is such a love; we're looking for a new buddy for her with some local rescues. Dachshunds are super snuggly, which is great for days when you're not feeling so hot!

:-) M