Portable (Prefer Foldable) Power Wheelchair

Any recommendations for a portable power wheelchair? I usually use a manual chair when out and about and when traveling, but now my arms and shoulders have decided more and more to join in DM's excitement. I do not like being dependent on my husband.

great question

Golden Tech.makes a chair that breaks down into three parts.Seat,base with wheels,and battery pack.One Pearson can take apart and put together very quickly.

A power wheelchair is different than a scooter. I use a scooter when out and about, don't need wheelchair. I have a small scooter that comes apart for travel and i can get it in and out of my car with moderate effort.

This is like what i have only i have a much earlier version

Interesting to know. I have the privilege of having IBM which I think will mean I also will, through weakening of muscles, have the same problem. In practical terms I assume that getting in and out is an issue requiring some assistance but once strapped in all is OK. Any comment?? Kind regards



I keep trying to reply and I keep getting cut off. Have you tried your local MDA clinic?

My local clinic is three hours away. I am in contact with them if I want to borrow one for vacation purposes, but that requires several weeks notice. I want to just purchase my own. I cannot use a scooter because of arm/shoulder strength or lack of. I have looked at several online and looked at reviews, but so many do not have reviews. A local home medical supply store is ridiculous with its prices and customer service is a negative.

LegoGal said:

I keep trying to reply and I keep getting cut off. Have you tried your local MDA clinic?