Assistive Devices

Do any of you who are ambulatory use canes to assist you just some of the time?

I did last year when I had to walk long distances and I've found I'm back in that position again but haven't brought the cane out yet. I notice when I flare and my numbers are up is when I have to do it. I just notice many people stare at me and I believe it's because I'm 37 and walking around say, a zoo, with a cane.

Like many of you I look normal of course, so I think that's one big reason I get "the look", so I just avoid using the cane, but it helps so much. When I don't have it I end up hobbling around and have to find seats more often to sit in along the way.

What do you do for distance walking?

Dear Nichole,

I see my day of using some kind of device fast approaching, but because my wrists are not good, I'm not sure a cane is going to do it for me.

From the broken hip my mom uses a cane, but if we leave the house, she has a walker. It has hand breaks, and a seat, the seat lifts, and her purse fits in. I know a walker is probably the last thing you want to hear about, but sometimes there just isn't a place to sit!

I hope my suggestion has not offended or upset you. She sometimes has an attitude about needing something at 82, so I imagine how it must be for you!

Wishing you well,


Oh no, you will never offend me! Unless you call me ma’am, that is where I draw the line!

You brought up a couple of good points. My wrists are on the downfall, I haven’t tried my cane lately but I know it played heck on my hand and wrist.

And a walker with a seat sounds comfy yet I can’t imagine going there for a while…

Guess we’ll see!

I picture your mom as pretty sassy, lol!

Yes, and only sometimes is sassy a plus!