Friday favorites, bands! Who rocks your world?

I was a kid, struggling with classical violin, when the Beatles hit, and I was absolutely captivated with the British invasion! I can name hundreds of them, but here are a few favs...

The Beatles,

The Rolling Stones,

Led Zepplin,

The Who,

The Dave Clark 5

My absolute all time favorite is still Steely Dan! I saw them live in St Petersburg, in the 90's and they were fabulous!

I live in Britain and haven't seen any of them. I was more a child of the 70's but am I big fan of the Motown sound - just fabulous! Although I am also a huge fan of Marc Bolan and T.Rex and saw them live in the 70's. Wonderful memories.

Wow! You know Elton John was the original T Rex piano player! If you watch the 'Get It On'' video, you'll see him! Here it is

Oh yes, me too, love the Motown stuff! That's the dancing music, the 'get down' stuff!

Yes I did know that. Elton John, Rod Stewart and David Bowie were all friends of Marc Bolan although none of them turned up for his funeral! There is a great tribute act here in the UK of T. Rex called T.Rextasy and they are fantastic, I've been to see them tons of times and they sell out at every gig. If you google T.Rextasy you can see them play (on T.Rextasy on film) they have had ex members of T.Rex gigging with them and even Marc Bolan's son and wife think they are amazing! He is such a lovely person as well and always has time for a chat after a gig. Thanks for the link!

Great picks SK!

I love all kinds of music, but to list those that "rock" - I have a few that jump out!


Led Zepplin

The Rolling Stones

And since I've got a little hippie in me, I love me some Pink Floyd and Grateful Dead! Haaha!

I grew up listening to a lot of music from the 60's and 70's though (Cream, The Byrds, The Who, Lynyrd Skynyrd), and my mom was rocking out to the 80's metal bands - so I love it all!

I was so busy yesterday, I forgot it was Friday! This is a great one Sk….

Music is one of my favorite subjects ever. As far as bands go I'd have to narrow it down to:

Bare Naked Ladies (I wish Stephen Page hadn't left, it hasn't been the same)

Led Zepplin

Nine Inch Nails (Because we're doing bands and not individual singers, I'm reaching back of course)

Better Than Ezra