Favorite pain rub?

My OTC pain rub of choice is Sportscreme, originally advertised by Joe Namath many years ago! You can buy it in grocery and drug stores, or on Amazon. It does not get hot or burn, won't stain and does a pretty good job on nerve pain like Sciatica, joint and bone pain and muscle pain. Just dont' use it with a heating pad.

What kind do you prefer?

Thank you for this. I haven't tried anything at all. But it's worth a shot. I have muscle pain in pretty large areas that I try to ignore (I would be smearing cream all over), but lately I have this muscle that I thought was a tendon that keeps "popping" out every time I strain it. It literally makes me yell and you can see it's higher than the other on my arm/wrist. I may try the Sportscreme.