There is a very effective prescription for pain that you may not even know about!

There are no pills to swallow, no needles involved, it is good for nerve, joint, bone, or neuropathic pain. Having substantial spinal and SI joint damage, as well as central canal spinal stenosis, it is extremely painful for me to ride in the car, until my Rheumatologist introduced me to this.

What, what, what??? I just went to the Rheumy today and got my second cortisone injection, this time on my left knee. He sprayed that spray and I thought, oh how good that feels!

I would have NEVER thought of using like this!! Awesome!

No awesome that you are in so much pain :-(

This is awesome!

I am going to send this to a friend to takes painful Humira injections weekly and dreads it!

If insurance would help with it, why not??