I had breast cancer two years ago and after the surgery I developed this condition in my pectoralis major muscle., however I did a small portion of this muscle removed, turned out to be noncancerous.

I have developed range of motion problems, weakness and pain.

2 days ago I was given an trigger point in my chest muscles and my underarm muscle with an anesthesia agent... I was told this is like a test, to see if it works and for how long.....For a long term bases the medication would be changed, however to what; it was not mention!!!!

Next week I will have a return appointment, I don't feel pain yet, but I feel the pressure of my muscles pulling when I move for objects or type.

I am bit confused because, I did not have a muscle biopsy test, blood work done like many of you have. So I am not sure how the pain management came to this conclusion, besides the ultrasound I had for the trigger point.

Has anyone had an anesthesia agent to stop the pain in the beginning of their treatment?

What is the typical drug people take for this condition? Why is the condition labeled as a rare condition?

Hi Kim,

Here are a few helpful links to learn more about the different kinds of Myositis.

"Cliff's Notes" definition of a Myositis

The Myositis Association

Facts About Inflammatory Myopathies (Myositis)

You can find quick answers to the questions listed above in the first link.

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Maren's links are perfect,

I just wanted to add that I take Methotrexate, Imurane and Prednisone. For pain at the beginning I was given Tramadol, but it really didn't work.

As far and it being labeled a rare disease, I always assumed it was rare because not many people were diagnosed with it on average.

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I also take Methotrexate as well as Neurontin (for Fibromyalgia).

Initially, I took Tramadol as well for pain, but then my doctors figured out that my pain was primarily caused by my Fibro. Once I began taking Neurontin for that, my pain has been much better.

For me, when my Dermatomyositis was not controlled, it wasn't as much pain that I felt but rather extreme weakness and exhaustion in my upper arms and legs. For example, when I would blow-dry my hair for a minute, it felt like I just got done lifting weights for an hour. The feeling was definitely not pleasant, but not a sharp or in any one area like I often consider "pain" to be.

Hope that helps!


I am in shock that my md didnt tell me that i have a form of mda. Did i read your links correctly

after i had the trigger point injections i felt so weak for two days that it was nearly impossible to do my regular daily skills. I am fine now but it was scary.

Has anyone mention that some of this drugs taken long term may cause cancer.

I understand that your argument would be it is worth the risk to get your life back. I am just a little freaked out after being on heels of cancer recovery.

I will let you know what happens on my next appoitment. In the meantime i will try to relax and request a biopsy and blood test in order to be 100% that i have this condition.


Hi Kim,

Please do try to stay calm and relax. I know that is much easier said than done.

There are not only a number of tests that can determine if you do have a myositis, but there are also varying degrees of how the illness may affect you. There are people who have dermatomyositis (like Nichole and myself) that only experience a light rash and nothing more.

If you have not already, I would ask your doctor about testing for your ANA - this is the Antinuclear Antibodies Test and is an effective way to determine if there is some type of auto-immune condition present. You may want to discuss the different tests that are listed here as well.

Don't be afraid to push for answers, because the unknown can be the scariest thing.

All my best,



You have been a life saver. With all the research i did’nt run across anthing that explains it better, then the facts about inflammatory mysotis. Your right , i should stay calm because if nothing elses i have a name for what i have. It can help me on my road of recovery and learning what my major triggers are.

I wish you a wonderful mothers day.



great questions.