What is the nicest thing anyone has done to you?

What is the nicest thing anyone has done to you?

It could be just recently or a long way back, and has made such an impact that you won't forget it.

I'm sure everyone would be happy to hear.

I'm just now seeing this, but better late than never! Years ago my boyfriend and I were on our way to Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. His car broke down on the stretch of highway that he decided to take and there weren't many people passing by. Well after about an hour, this man stopped and asked if he could help. He looked under the hood and turn out we just needed some coolant. So my boyfriend hopped in this guys car with him (NOT a smart idea, I was freaking out until his safe return!!) and they left. They returned a while later. This man had taken him to the store and bought him the coolant, put it in the car and wished us well. Didn't want anything in return.

That's one story I will not forget, so figured I'd share.

Good one, Nichole. :)