Tip of the Cap to Hank "Papa" McFadden

Tip of the Cap to my grandfather, Hank "Papa" McFadden, who passed away peacefully last night.

He loved monster trucks and cooking shows. He always wore Vans tennis shoes and let us watch wrestling when we were kids. It was all the chocolate milk we could drink at his house. He would show up to Christmas with a garbage bag full of presents. I would buy him steaks for Christmas every year because he really wasn't supposed to have them, but I knew my Nani would cook them for him if they were a gift from me.

He loved his family and was everything a grandfather should be. I love you Papa.

Condolences Scott. Hank sounds very hip.

Condolences to you.
Everyone should have a grandfather that is so hip.

Thanks so much Marj and Human! Means a lot to me. I miss him but he's better off now.

He sounds amazing Scott and it sounds like he was crazy about you kids too.

My grandpa was my best friend and I lost him about a year ago, it's the great memories that keep me going! Thank you for sharing your memories, you'll be in my thoughts!

Thanks for the really nice message Nichole. I'm so sorry you lost your grandpa too. :(

What lovely memories......condolences to you....

thanks MicWal!

Dear Scott,

I just saw this. I'm so very sorry for the loss of your dear 'Papa'. What a great guy he surely must have been! I'll bet you could fill volumes with the good times you had with him!

There's nothing better than being a grandparent, especially if you do it well, and surely he did!

I just had my grand kids here with me today, they are the best medicine in the world! I spoil them, just like your Papa spoiled you! I was at the grocery store last night in the rain, from about 10-12 midnight getting them every goody they could possibly want, up for hours getting things ready, and in perpetual motion from the time they hit the door! ha! Yes, I'll pay for it, but it's the very best tired and sore in the world!

I'm sure that this is the kind of Dad and Granddad you will be! 'Doughnut hamburgers' and all!

Sending a big hug your way,