I had breast cancer two years ago and after the surgery I developed this condition in my pectoralis major muscle., however I did a small portion of this muscle removed, turned out to be noncancerous.

I have developed range of motion problems, weakness and pain.

2 days ago I was given an trigger point in my chest muscles and my underarm muscle with an anesthesia agent... I was told this is like a test, to see if it works and for how long.....For a long term bases the medication would be changed, however to what; it was not mention!!!!

Next week I will have a return appointment, I don't feel pain yet, but I feel the pressure of my muscles pulling when I move for objects or type.

I am bit confused because, I did not have a muscle biopsy test, blood work done like many of you have. So I am not sure how the pain management came to this conclusion, besides the ultrasound I had for the trigger point.

Has anyone had an anesthesia agent to stop the pain in the beginning of their treatment?

What is the typical drug people take for this condition? Why is the condition labeled as a rare condition?