New pains

Hi all, I have had sever pain in both shoulders for about four months after having an endoscopy. My PC physician and reumatologist feel that it caused a flare. Anyone ever have a similar issue? Also, mention was made in another post that muscle biopsy is the best determiner if IBM. Mine was positive, but EMG negative. I know that so much of what we have crosses over to other illnesses, but if the biopsy is the gold standard of tests, should that settle my questioning my diagnosis? I have been evauated with countless blood tests over the years and everything points to IBM as he most probable, but would love to hear your experiences!

I had a muscle biopsy years ago when I was diagnosed with DM. They could not tell anything from the results. The Dr. told me that it is not always an exact science. I also had an emg done. It took a doctor from England to diagnose me jusf from looking at all my symptons. Blood work helped as well. All the reumys I have went to basically tells me we know very little and use me as a experiment with drugs.

Great post, thanks so much for sharing.