Medication Bottles and Painful Hand Conditions

This may have come up before, but just wanted to remind everybody that if you have problems with your hands and opening your medication bottles you can ask your pharmacy for easy-open lids.

They are basically non-child proof and pretty easy to open. Great for anyone with RA, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or anything else that make it difficult or painful to open the bottles.

Hope everyone has a pain free week!

Along the same line, does anyone else have trouble getting their gas cap off? Problem solved...

I have lost grip strength & don't know which of my 4 a-i's is to blame. This meant that I could no longer open the water bottles I always carry in my car for my Sjogren's - and I couldn't get my gas cap off to get gas. At first I'd wait at the gas pump until I spotted someone younger and ask them to kindly remove the gas cap for me, but I hate asking for help. Then I began visiting the only gas station in town which will still pump your gas for you, but at a surcharge of 50 cents more a gallon. That was not a good solution. Then I found the ideal helper to solve both of these problems.

Almost every kitchen has one, and if you don't, you can get them in any of the big box supercenters = one of those round rubberized disks that are sold to help you open jars in the kitchen. I now carry one in my car's console and can open my own water bottles and remove my gas cap with no assistance.

That's a great idea! If you can't find one of those disks, I think that the liner you buy to stop dishes from moving in kitchen drawers works great too. (Drawer liner?)

I can't believe they can charge so much to pump gas for someone who needs help. Gas is already outrageous.

I had carpal tunnel when I was first diagnosed with DM. Once I was put on high doses of Prednisone, it slowly went away. Well, now I'm down to almost no Prednisone and my hands are killing me. But it's different from the Carpal Tunnel.

Medicine bottles hurt and since you mention it, when I get gas, the cap DOES hurt too.

What a great idea for the gas cap! Thank you!