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Finger tips cracking open and tender to touch. What meds seem to work?

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As with many rare conditions it can be a case of trial and error in regard to medications as there are no condition specific meds when it comes to myositis. As myositis is considered an auto immune condition some medications such as azathioprine or methotrexate maybe given to supress the immune system to allow other medications to work more fully.
This should only be done under the guidance of a medical professional and a pharmacist. Two differing medications may be quite harmless on their own, but when mixed can have a very detrimental effect and this is why professional guidance is recommended.
Personally, I manage an entirely different condition but I too have been on that pharma merry-go-round. I was up, I was down, some made me itch and some just made me want to vomit 24/7. Some medications are just plain nasty, mixing them because another patient recommended them because ‘They worked for me’ is NEVER a good idea. Trials of any meds should be supervised/monitored by somebody professional, they will be aware of the listed ‘adverse effects’ of the prescribed meds and therefore have some idea on the management of such effects. Also some drugs are considered to be poisons, it is only by strength or ratio of active ingredients that makes them therapeutic. ‘Johnno’ from down the road may take med ‘A’ to manage and recommend it. You may take drug ‘B’, but if you add Johnno’s recommendation this can make an entirely different compound within the body and in extreme cases these compounds can kill.
PLEASE, PLEASE discuss any AND all medications with your treating dr just to be safe.

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I have PM since last year this time, and 63 years old and I had the similar problem at the very beginning. I had been on prednisone and Methotrexate for a year now I am ok but I still have to be careful with my fingers when I apply pressure on them or using my hands.

Your doctor will know best but you learn to live with it, it does not bother me now. I have started work in the last 6 months of my treatment an I am using my cracked finger everyday because I have to use the keyboard. My dad was a physician and one of my dad’s doctor friends used to tell me you live longer if you know your medical condition then people who don’t. So don’t be afraid to live with it but see the doctor please.

I tried to take min amount of extra drugs during my treatment since I was already on heavy medication and now I will stop taking prednisone as well, soon.

I wish you and everyone fast recovery and happy holidays.

Best wishes

Thank You. I will see a Rheumatologist 1/6/20. Merry Christmas !


I will also have my routine check up tomorrow, Merry Christmas, lots of smiles and good health in 2020 :slight_smile: