Anyone's Myositis or Myopathy caused by drugs?

Makes me not want to take statins, or start Plaquenil!

Drugs. Many different medications and drugs can cause temporary muscle damage. Because inflammation in the muscles is often not identified, the muscle problem may be called myopathy rather than myositis. Drugs causing myositis or myopathy include:

Myopathy may occur right after starting a medication, or may occur after taking a drug for months or years. Sometimes it is caused by an interaction between two different medications. Severe myositis caused by medications is rare.

Thank you for sharing, SK!
Maybe this is why my sister-in-law (a pharmacist) was so relieved when I went back on Methotrexate after trying Plaquenil!

I know, I'm less thrilled by the day about this!

My GP was telling me that one of the first DMARDS used in Europe was actually gold, but that the cost just became out of sight!

Very interesting! I never knew that any minerals/elements with a solid form were injected for our type of treatment... although I also haven't really looked into it - I could be taking something like that now! LOL