Interesting article

about a doctor who massively improved her MS using diet:

(I'm not the diet police though, I promise, it's just interesting)

Very interesting, Suze! I did a 'weeds and seeds' diet (eliminating gluten and dairy) under the suggestion and guidance of my DC when all of this kicked up! No allergies or sensitivities were actually sensed, but after reading this, it may be worth contemplating again. There are members all over BF who swear by this type of Paleo diet!

The book sounds like a must read to me!

Thanks for posting this, Suze!

Wishing you well,


I am a gluten free vegetarian - I eat a LOT of vegetables and vege based protein, I am sure my symptoms are lessened by my diet although I have no actual proof. However, I will say I was on a paleo diet when DM struck, but i don't think diet can stop this beast, just limit its attack.

I do recognise though that is not easy to radically change your diet and I love food and enjoy good food and its part of a happy life too. But its worth trying, just to see, going gluten free literally cured my IBS which id suffered from for 10 years.

That is a total win there with the IBS!

Paleo diet isn't perfect, but I like it a lot better than the traditional American diet. But anytime an article starts with something like: "After a simple, modified Paleo diet reversed her multiple sclerosis, one doctor is exposing health care and big pharma’s dirty secret: Prescriptions don’t make you well." I stop reading right there. I went to the profile of the poster and it's "Private." Sounds like advertising disguised as science to me.

Oh agreed, Arthur, you know the 'plug' was coming somewhere with, supplement...

I think there are things we can work on, diet is surely the big one, but 'reversed'? I mean the people here are still chronically ill, just maybe not as bad?

I wait til the books flood the markets and are on sale cheap on Amazon, then if I still want it, I buy it for basically the cost of shipping and a bit more.

I have recently learned about Dr. Wahl as well, SK!
I actually was just in the process of putting together a blog update to share some of the information that I've found.

You can find The Wahls Protocol here.

For Dr. Terry Wahl's website click here. For her Facebook page, click here!

I just purchased a book called The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body b... to get myself started. I liked her review of the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol or Autoimmune Paleo) and I also liked how she doesn't hold her research or information hostage in her book - she offers everything that you need on her website and also just published a cookbook! click here

Another book on my to-read list is Your Personal Paleo Code: The 3-Step Plan to Lose Weight, Reverse D...r. This author takes all the info from The Wahls Protocol and other resources on AIP and makes it applicable for the average person.

Hope these resources are interesting to some of you all, too!