San Francisco Giants Star Diagnosed With IBM

Here's the link to an article I just read:

Sorry if this was already posted. I looked first and didn't see it.


Here's the more in depth Chronicle article that Fox took its blurb from:

Thanks for posting this, Pdub. What a shame that yet another has developed this disease, but perhaps now that he has made the announcement, he will help raise awareness of all types of Myositis and further research will result.

My heart goes out to all who suffer this, and I marvel at how well you adapt.

Pdub, love your new house in the making!

Thanks! I'll be doing updates as I gather 3 or 4 "stories" to share. I am doing a fundraiser here in Delaware for the MDA. Here's the link to the Facebook event so you can see what I'm up to:

I'll be sharing this "story" for sure once we're done. If the process works we should raise some serious money.

Thanks for the link, I'll check this out! Should be a lot of fun! I did some bartending back in my younger days, it was a blast! You're right this could raise some serious money! Good luck!

BTW, feel free to post your blogs here as well, there is a tab at the page top for 'blogs'. You are welcome to use it, this group could use that kind of boost!

BTW, I think I got my wires crossed, I was thinking you were from Maryland! Sorry!

I'm so slow, I was just coming here to post about this story. Thanks for sharing.