TMA Updates!

I received an e-mail from the TMA, and those of you who have joined may have received the same one, but I wanted to share for those who haven't!
There are a few developments that may be of interest to you:

BYM338 Trial for IBM
Novartis has announced some of the criteria for the BYM338 trial to treat those with inclusion-body myositis. This information was just released and is posted at:

The trial sites have not yet been announced nor the date for recruitment to commence. We have asked for further information and will share it with you when received.

Myositis Dan
TMA has had been fortunate to have a couple racehorse owners include the word myositis in the names of some of their racehorses. This is done to create awareness of the disease and hopefully get press attention to the horse(s) and TMA. The most recent is Myositis Dan, who was named after a TMA member who passed away last year. Myositis Dan will begin his racing career this Friday at Churchill Downs. We are pulling for you Myositis Dan!

Annual Patient Conference
Registration for TMA's Annual Patient Conference is now $245 but there is still time to register. There are also still rooms at the Conference hotel. For more information go to:

great post!

Thanks for sharing! We are excited about the upcoming conference. Dana and I will be there, is anyone in this group attending?

I'm so glad you are going! I hope more of our members get to go. I will not be there, but I hope to attend the next meeting that's held closer to home!