Night sweats

My daughter has been experiencing terrible night sweats,to point of having to change bed sheets and clothes, just wondering if anyone else has this.

Owe yes. I also have t change bedding and clothes. Try t stay in a cooler night gown. Plus has t be 100% cotton. May I ask how old your daughter is? When I am on my steroids it's much worse. I still get the sweets even when I am not on my steroids. I find if I am in a flare up also much worse. Have been dealing with for years. I don't want anyone t suffer. But it helps t hear I am not the only dealing with this. Feel free t ask ?

My daughter is 22. I’m sorry for anyone that has to go through any of this. Thank you for the reply.y

Never had night sweats sorry you are having them, good luck hope you can find something to help your daughter. Gentle hugs will be thinking of you !

My husband has severe night sweats at times we would have to change the bedding his body produce so much heat I couldn’t figure out why he would turn on the AC in the winter time!!

Yes, I have night sweats. Some nights are worse than other, but they do keep me from a good nights rest.