Sleep issues and how do you overcome?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been under the weather lately, sorry I’ve missed some discussions.

A member reached out to me on how I overcome sleep issues. He was looking for non- medicated ways, because of course who wants to add to our daily list of meds?

I know when I was in high doses of prednisone I would stay up most nights and it would drive me nuts. I really don’t have an answer!!

If anyone does I’m up for listening. I’ve just embraced my night life and nap during the day.

I've had similar problems that took a long time to figure out. Tried melatonin pills that left with me with a terrible headache and not much more rest. I didn't want any more medications either, so I said no to prescription meds for sleeping assistance. Happened across this stuff and I decided to try it because nothing else was helping:

Unlike my meds, this stuff is relatively cheap.........about $3 per bottle. I drink just 2 oz. an hour before bed and have no problems drifting off to sleep. NeuroSleep can be found at most grocery stores in the bottled water section. Have recommended it to others. It's worked for most, but not my mom. I love the stuff and it works very well for me. Hope it will some of you.

Thanks for the link! I have tried melatonin too since it used to work for me pre-DM, I'll look into the drink and pass this onto the person who asked in case he doesn't see it.

Thanks again!

Sleep? Who sleeps normally? I don’t know what that is? Lol. I need to make light of it because my sleep patterns are terrible…I’m sorry you’ve been feeling bad, hope your getting better tho. If anyone figures out sleep, please by all means let me know…oh sometimes mediation with mediation sounds helps but not always.