Cure Myositis Bracelets


September 21st is National Myositis Awareness day and Nancy Cannon who is a member on a couple of Myositis FB support groups, has "Cure Myositis" Bracelets available for a donation of $5.00 each ($7.00 outside of the US).

Between my family, friends and myself we've donated right around $55 I believe, lol…(My mom's friends are still ordering them, they work at a hospital, so I love that they are getting the word out!)

My mom was wearing hers while she was working at the hospital and a visitor of a patient commented on how she knew about Myositis, long story short, my mom told her about me and ended up hooking her up with my Michigan doctor because she is just at the beginning stages of DM and was looking for a good Rheumy. My mom was sad for her but elated that she was in the right place at the right time :-)

Here is Nancy's post and how you can contact her if you would like a bracelet:

CURE MYOSITIS bracelets are available from the Carolinas Myositis Support Group as a thank you for your $5.00 tax deductible donation. If you live outside of the contiguous United States, we would appreciate a $2.00 donation to help offset postage costs. We can accept PayPal or checks in US funds.
Our email is and the open group is Carolinas Myositis Group Bracelets.

This is my wrist in the picture, yes I'm famous and yes I will sign autographs.