September 21st is National Myositis Awareness Day!

As most of you may know, September 21st has been designated as National Myositis Awareness Day!

What are you going to do to spread awareness about this chronic illness on or around this day?

For those of you on Facebook, I've made a few pages you can add on your timeline if you would like.

I will try to attach them here and if that doesn't work just find me on Facebook:

I put one on my Facebook and a couple people on my friends list that I would never have expected to share on their own Facebook, did, so that was very inspiring!

Have a great day!


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The other two pictures didn't load, let's see if this works, if not, you can find them in my photos...

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Yay! Thanks Nichole!

I usually post to my own page and my blog(s) but I'll join the page you created too! XO