I Have just been informed that my insurance will have a copay for my ivig. The cost is over 2500 and then they will only pay for 7 treatments. I have been doing ivig for about a year and half. I do it 2 time a month. The last time we tried to go 6 weeks I get real week and ended up in the hospital.

I am a widow and cant afford this copay and to pay for the remaining 5 treatments. Dose anyone know of a way I can get help to pay this or what else can be done treatment wise.

Thanks in advance for the suport


I was diagnosed with IBM in 2005. At the time I was diagnosed I was working and had full access to the National Library of Medicine. In the fall of 2006, I found a paper from Ottawa that reported a meta analysis that showed no benefit from IVIG. Soon after being diagnosed I was offered IVIG. I rejected it due to time involved and my questions about the source of the IG. I actually had a brief chat with the senior author of the Ottawa paper. He said that at that time the only thing the medical profession had to offer was sympathy and compassion. I'm afraid the situation has not truly changed much. As of now I believe my only option is to accept and adapt. There is so much more research being performed now, an efficacious treat will eventually be found. But for now, accept and adapt. I know this is not comforting, but I believe it is reality. John

Ugh - I'm sorry, Missy!

I'm going through a similar debacle with my Rituxan infusions and it's so stressful.

I would ask your doctor and insurance about any patient rebate or cost support plan. Next, you can ask about any no-interest payment plans (your bank may even be able to help with this through a unique, no or low-interest loan).

THEN! Make sure that you're filling out any pre-approval forms for your insurance prior to any future infusions to get the maximum amount of coverage.

Your doctor should be able to provide documentation expressing why you NEED the infusion and why it's the best option for you, most cost effective, etc.

Wishing you all the best!