I want a new drug!


So are you satisfied with your med, or do you want a new drug? I want a new drug, it's pouring rain, cold and my bones are killing me!

Thanks for that SK! Actually that reminds me, ill do a post about what my neurologist to me today about the meth

Oh yes, most of us are or have been on the Methotrexate trip!

I'll be looking for your discussion, I have high hopes that things went well!

Been there done that kinda thing. IVIG wasnt for me. I am now on Acthar Gel and I have a new life. I never knew how much I hurt untill i didn't hurt. amazing stuff.


Hey 7777,

I was looking this over last night, as I sent it to a friend with MS, and it REALLY boosts the Adrenals! WOW! Must be great for fatigue?

That must be why I feel like a human again. lol

Maybe we all need a shot of that stuff? I'm in!