Address change

we are going on another cable system on monday the name will stay the same but the will change to is there something I need to do to make it easier to be in the members address ? If there is there is time for me to make the changes so I could use help again, I really don;t want to lose you people after all it took to find out your group help if you can. Hope you are all doing good with all the winter weather, it can be hard I am sure. Stay safe and comfortable as you can.

Bethan, you should be able to change your email by clicking "Settings" on the upper right of your profile page.

dancermom you are such a big help, I did look at the settings and will change my address Monday thanks I sure like this group you guys are so helpful to me ! so good to hear from people with the same disease (well some of them) it makes me feel a bit normal !