HeadsUp! Happening Soon!

Dear MyositisSupport.org member,

One day soon, you will point your browser (or your DiscourseHub mobile app) in the direction of MyositisSupport.org and there you’ll be … in a completely different place!

Well, not completely different: the page on which you’ll find yourself will be the new landing page for this community. From there, you will simply have to click on “Community” and you’ll be on the old familiar page again.

So why are we doing this? Well, there are a few reasons:

  • We want to give a first impression of a community that is dynamic and welcoming to newcomers, something that we’ve heard that the home page doesn’t always do.
  • We’d like to attract more people to this community because our mission is “to ensure that patients living with rare diseases or chronic illnesses, as well as their caregivers, family, and friends, have a safe and supportive place to connect with others like them”.
  • We hope to make this community more easily “findable” by the people who need it. To make it findable, we need a home page that Google and other search engines can zero in on and rank highly. (In the “biz”, that’s called “SEO”.)

We hope you’ll like the new page when you see it. If you have any comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. (For that matter, we always love hearing from our members!)

Simply post below, or email us at modsupport@bensfriends.org.

TJ and Seenie

Copy to: @trust_level_0

I don’t know if you realize it, but there is a group already called Myositis Support that has had a presence on Facebook for many years. I may be confusing for some to have similar names
Regards, Rose

Rose, thanks for letting us know. No, didn’t know that. But maybe Tom did. I will check with him.


I have copied the link for you to make it easy to find. They are a 501c as well. Jerry Williams is the founder. https://www.facebook.com/groups/myositissupport/?ref=share