Update, Symptoms - trials & tribulations

happy valentines day to everyone, hope this day finds you well...

in the past weeks so much has been going wrong...for one the muscle biopsy scar has still not healed from 12/21/15. it has been holding on to a scab that was pretty deep, as my mom used to instruct - do not mess with it, well I haven't...but getting out of the shower the other day guess a toweled a little ruff and it came off! only to find that it was infected underneath. I spent 45 min pulling strands of sutures that were knotted up, almost passed out - not good with things like this. took photos and sent to my niece (plastic surgery nurse) she confirmed the infection & instructed me to get a hold of my dr to see if I could get started on a antibiotic, needless to say the dr office did not call back! so I have been watching the wound and its doing better now.

last Tuesday rolls around and I'm developing a rash with little bumps surrounded by redness and itches like crazy! amazingly it only developes around my joints at the ankles, knees, elbow and knuckles of my hands? even on both sides like it is mirroring each side. WTH? this can happen at any time, starting with the little bump, then the sting, then the itch and finally the surrounding redness? using a lotion with cortisone & have taken a few benedryl's. seems to allveiate the symptoms a little. (no new products used, laundry, soap, etc.) could this be a side effect from the infection...

come on dr apt on 02/16/16, can't handle this!

Happy Late Valentines Day to you!

Sounds like you’ve been dealing with a lot lately :frowning:

I wonder if your biopsy spot didn’t heal quickly because of your immune system…glad it’s looking better!

I’m going to share your message with the community because I’ve never dealt with a rash like that. Mine was around my eyes and had some on my hands…except when I had shingles…but that a whole other story. You could be right, maybe the rash is an infection side effect…can’t believe you couldn’t get into the docs! Well, actually I believe it, just irritates me!

Take care, I’ll send positive thoughts your way!

Hope you get answers fast!

The reason I am making it and healing is because I have a doctor who cares and who specializes in this disease. I will be happy to pass on this name. Do you live near Boston? We all need the Best of the Best!

Do you have a myositis specialist? It sure sounds like you need to see one.

You poor thing dealing with all of that. Hey what did your muscle biopsy show? Or did I miss the results? As the weather gets warmer I hope you feel better. Hang there kiddo, keep that biopsy site clean