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Hi I am Marquita I was diagnosed with polymyositis in 2005 This has been a rough journey so far I have also join this group for support and the sharing of information. I look forward to communication with you all.


Hi Marquita, welcome to the group! I hope you find some helpful info here. There are a lot of great people!

It's great that you wrote this so people know you!

You've come to the right place Marquita!

Yes, you can benefit from the information provided here. Invest on some time to browse through the Discussions and Blog pages. It also works two ways: by sharing your experience you'll be inviting others to comment. So, please feel free to share!

Pictures are also a great way to communicate! Post some so that we can see you in context.

I see you've completed your profile. This helps identify you with specific subgroups within this community (location, gender, type of myositis, etc.) and even find fellow patient members nearby.

Again, welcome Marquita!