Menstrual Cycle

Does it gets unbearable from the time of the ovulation period? Or is something I have to persist to my doctor so she would look into it? By unbearable I mean, the skin rash spreads to other areas and gets more painfull, also the body pain increase a few notches. And adding the menstrual pain, bloating and more stomach pain to the existing stomach issues and back issues it feels unbearable. Im making a list of questions for when im able to see a doctor again. Im planning to give a copy of these questions to my doctor as it seems they don't recall anything in the visit, I need to get the doctor's interest since I can't get them understand what it is to live with so many different pain at once.

Dear Lordes,

So sorry that you are going through this! I have been through some serious female problems of this kind myself. Seems that often it goes hand and hand with autoimmune, and Fibromyalgia.

With my GP and Rheum, I hand in a sheet that they attach to my visit sheet. Documentation means everything! Get on them for sure! Sometimes we have to ask for better care, or better Doctors!

Wishing you well,


Thanks for the info SK, and for bringing this up, Lourdes!
I tend to have all kinds of weird skin things going on when it's that time, but the worst is the PMS.
I went on birth control when I was fairly young since my cramps were so bad, that was over 15 years ago and just in the past couple of years it's back, ugh - so awful! I just feel rotten. I sort of assumed it was my Fibro - but you just never know!