I was on cellcept for about 3 years, just recently got off of it last summer. And I can honestly say that I don’t think it helped me at all. But, then again, just because it didn’t help me doesn’t mean it won’t help you.
I am currrently tapering off metho, been on it since I was 5 (Im now 21) and I do believe it’s a wonder drug for people with myositis (especially those in a flare).
Prednisone, as mush as I hate to say it, does help with inflammation and is also somewhat of a wonder drug. The downside of it is the side effects. I was pretty much a crazy woman when I was on pred, but if you are in immense pain then I do suggest going back on prednisone until you find a better solution for yourself. Diet is very important when you are on prednisone, helps with the side effects.
Hope I helped!!