John Hopkins Myositis clinic -- do any of you attend or were diagnosed by the clinic?

Do any of you travel from outside Maryland to attend the JH Myositis Clinic? What has been your experiences? If you have an overlap syndrome such as Sjogrens or RA, how do the JH clinics work together?

I’ve been. The dr was great! I live in IL. I have multiple autoimmune diseases (and that’s how autoimmunes
autoimmunes run). I would think they could handle your other things that are autoimmune in the same clinic. I mean the drs are neuros and Rheums who can treat Sjorgens, RA, etc. Also the Myositis treatments and meds overlap with those. Are you recently diagnosed?

Yes and going to the clinic to confirm it. I have tested positive for anti-jo1 but have no lung involvement or clinical myopathy. I am hoping they will coordinate the clinic visits. So far they haven't but I hope to speak with them this week. If you have DM, did you also see a dermatologist there?

Hi revapril,

I have Sjogren's and PsA. I have been to Hopkins twice but that was long before autoimmune was suspected. I saw an orthor surgeon and a pain specialist. I have heard rave reviews on their autoimmune clinic. I have a great Rheumatologist who also teaches, so I have not been to the clinic, but as a Marylander, I can tell you it is highly regarded by the medical community. They will work with each other and with your Doctor. A novel ideal actually!

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