In NEED of speicalist for myositits

Hello everyone.
I would like anyone to share contact details for any specialist that deal with polymyostitis. I have been under going treatment through the NHS.
Now i feel i need to go private and seek more specialist help. Anyone contact details and information on how to be refered to them would be much appericated, would like dr contacts only for the united kingdom please.

Going to the Mayo Clinic was a life-changer for me. If you are able to get to a highly regarded medical facility like this in the UK, they will not only help you with proper diagnosis, but can refer you to doctors in your area to help continue treatment.

I believe that you can find local doctors via The Myositis Association

Where do you live I am in Big Bear ca and went to Loma Linda University and am now getting home infusion of IVIG and it is working good I went through Accredo Pharmancy and did a financial report and I do not pay for anything try it good luck