Has anyone with polymyositis or IBM had their gallbladder removed?

Just wanted to see if anyone has had their gallbladder removed? My doc wants mine to come out but we are waiting on pulmonary testings.



No, but good luck Steve

Thank you!

Hey Steve,

I don't have either, but have gone through the GB pain and illness for 20 years before they finally discovered mine was 'dead'. Then it was the risk of them not being able to do the small incisions to get it out if you have a severe attack, and the risk of gangrene was dangerous for me.

If your Doctor has run the tests and feels it needs to go, and clears you for it, chances are they can do the simplistic incisions and reduce the healing time considerably. Most of the digestive disorders Doctors know the best surgeons for the job, mine surely pointed me in the right direction, and life is so much better without the illness nausea, and pain.

I have trouble with the gas coating my lungs, so I always ask for one of those devices that you blow the balls in the air to clear your respiratory system. See if it would be helpful to you as well. .


I hope this helps you, and I wish you well,


Hey SK,

I have only one test to go and if that goes well, then we will go ahead with the removal. I sure thank you for your info and yes it did help!


Steve, I wish you the very best, I had far less distress after the surgery than before, even after the anesthesia wore off!

Unfortunate for me it did not completely eliminate the digestion problems, so my Chiropractor suggested these and they have been lifesavers! So keep these in mind, and make sure if you decide to try them to talk to your Dr first!


They are natural, and break down protein, dairy, plant, though I still cannot digest green peppers, these are a must have for me!

SK, thank you so much for this information, I will ask my doctor if I can take this!

Have a Blessed Day!


Good luck Steve, hope all goes well!


Steve Morgan said:

SK, thank you so much for this information, I will ask my doctor if I can take this!

Have a Blessed Day!


Thank you Nichole!