Great Resource that Explains PM, DM and IBM

This is a good summary, especially if you're looking for something to share with family and friends who want to know what's going on and what our disease involves.

There are a couple points I disagree with and you may too. One is that with PM there is usually no pain. I've talked to plenty of PM patients who experience pain. So I believe every case is different. 

I hope this is a helpful resource for you! As far as the prognosis, as I said before, every case is different. 


Clicking on the link, nothing happening?

Or clicking on the pdf and nothing happening? Am I doing this right or is there another place to download? Thanks.

I just tried to and it isn’t working, I’ll see if I can find a good link!

This isn’t the exact same one, but this page has great info, it’s through TMA (The Myositis Association)