Feeling helpless..what can I be doing in the meantime?

Having just started autoimmune meds, what else can I be doing to alleviate the symptoms?

I have read and read and read, but do not feel like I am getting any info in managing my life, kinda

feeling helpless & out of control which is so NOT me.

Anything I should be eating (went from 160# to 145#, size 10 to a 4 recently), drinking, exercising, etc.?

When questioning Rheumo - he said exercise is out of the question right now, with exception of walking the dog sort distances, this will only aggravate the inflammation in my legs muscles, the Imuran may take a mth or so to start working..uped my protein intake (advice from daughter, licensed fitness instr.)

I don't drink, love my sweet tea & find that I have sugar cravings without the weight gain, we eat well and healthy, I've recently quit smoking after a very long time, but feel the need on an hourly basis to say the least...I feel a relapse coming on.

So what's is left?

Middle of the week blues.


Hi Shine,

I totally understand where you're coming from. The initial stage of diagnosis is so hard - the unknown is always the hardest part (for me, at least). As you continue to get answers, you will be more empowered, and feel much better!

If you want, you are more than welcome to take a look at my blog, themarenupdate.com - I have blogged about my journey since day one. Initially, I lost a lot of weight too, then more recently when I got on prednisone, I blew up like a blimp!

I would agree with your Dr in that going easy on your muscles is best for now, however taking a short walk each day was totally recommended to me when I went to the Mayo Clinic - to make sure that you don't get any atrophy.

I have noticed that food affects me greatly, so have been learning more about the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet that was researched greatly by Dr. Terry Wahls - it's often called the Wahls Protocol.
I can send you some links to some great books, if you'd like!

Be sure that you don't get smoking again though, because we are more susceptible to lung disease and cancer with myositis.

Hang in there, lady! You've got this!
I'm here if you need me :-)

Yes, please send links, seems like I am going to have a lot of time on my hands for reading.

And ready to do so..

Thanks again for the encouraging words.