Good morning, I have was diagnosed with DM and ILD just over 18 mths ago here in Canberra, Australia. As most of you would have experienced, it is a pretty lonely journey. It is wonderful to have found this site and would really love to hear from any fellow Aussies who are on the same journey.

Look forward to hearing from ......someone?


Hey Michelle, I'm not an Aussie, but have you been on FB at all? I apologize if we've talked about it, but I know there are some Aussies on the groups on in!

Hope you find some through here too....

Hello, My name is Nicole (Michelle 2 nd name) and I live in Queensland. I don't have much information on my profile here.

I have all the symptoms of Myositis but my diagnosis is Fibromyalgia and I spend some time in the LWF group.

Happy to chat with you anytime and I hope your symptoms aren't too bad at the moment.