News: Medication for sIBM given Breakthrough Status by the FDA

Novartis drug Bimagrumab has been given breakthrough status by the FDA after a Phase II trial showed a substantial benefit to patients with sIBM compared to a placebo.

Breakthrough status can help expedite the development and approval of new medications. As there is currently no proven treatment for sIBM, this is good news for us.

Hi there sounds interesting. I have inclusion body myositis and am just having to adapt as the disease progresses there being no treatment here in the UK.

Is thus drug related to my condition?

Cheers Pads

Yes, Pads, sporadic inclusion body myositis (sIBM) and inclusion body myositis are used interchangeably, as far as I can tell. Ask your doctor about this new medication and watch for new trial information.

Here is a useful history of previous medications that have been tried for sIBM:

I wonder if this new drug will be allowed to be used in cases of Juvenile dermatomyositis as well as other forms if someone has/had an aggressive case that resulted in severe weakness. So many questions!! I go to Dr Lisa Christopher-Stine at Johns Hopkins Myositis center. I will see what she knows about the new therapy. Thanks for posting! Xx

Terrific, Rachel, let us know what you find out. Pooling our knowledge can be powerful.