Morphine addiction

I have been diagnosed with pm and intestital lung disease 2 years ago. I suffer from serious physical impariment and chronic pain. I can walk for a while but i use a wheelchair due to muscle weakness and breathing complications. Ive been addicted to morphine for a long time now and its causing more problem then being helpful.
I do need it for pain relief but i do take it out of habit too. I am mostly bed bound and very rarely every go out due to anixety and depression. I do roughly take 50/60ml daily. I wamt to reduce this but i dont know how.
My family support is good but every time i want morphine il cry and get upset and they will give it me. I have overdosed myself so many times. Please can someone share there ideas with me. Any good and postive suggestions will be appericated.

Hi iffy,

Have you talked to a doctor and told them your concern? I’d imagine they could try a less addictive medication…

Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way!!

Awwh thank you for your kind words and reply.
I have been trying to highlight this problem for months. But the doctors are more concerned about me being more physicallu activity and trying to get my illness under control. Metharaxate and azathiprine were making me worse. So now i have started ciclosporin but im still on predisolone which i cannot reduce yet.
The morphine addiction and intolerance doesnt seem to them to be a problem… i have this tendancy of hidding how i really feel and pretend everything is fine. But this addiction is getting worse i have 1500ml per month. It started off with 500 but increased as time as gone on.
I think im too ashamed and dishearted to ask my family to help me off this. They dont understand…its not there fault… i wudnt understand if i was in there situation.
I just want to have some control over my own life.

I’m so sorry you’re going through that on top of having Myositis! I hope you get some good advice.
We’re always here for you to at least vent to.


Lol… yea i think that helps too. Fustration and suffercation is a nastey feeling…i think my myosistis is pretty advanced and left me with a more servre physical impairment then other. But its still good to read up on other ppls problems… makes u appericate life.
Thank u for ur response. Xx

So sorry that you're going through all this, Iffy.

If you were a member of my family, I would certainly want to know if there was something that you wanted my help with. We can't fight this battle on our own - it's just too much for one person!

I sure hope that you can get the help that you need.

I was only on Morphine for a week once and it was very tough to get off of, so I can't imagine what you're going through and certainly wish that I could take it away.

Know that you're in my thoughts and prayers - sending love and light your way!

Awwwh thank u for your kind words. God bless.
I have tired talking to my family but i think we have argued about the topic so many times and its become a very sensative topic. If ever it happens to come up in conversation i get really defencive and end up in tears.
I try to avoid the whole topic.
They do love me but they sufforcate me too much with there worries and concerns. I be afraid to climb the stairs and walk by myself because they drill the dangerous in my head too much.
I dont know.i think the only person that can help me… is myself. That why i want to strengthen my mentality and then follow my plan through.

I was on morphine and fentanyl patches for a long time. You will need to wean yourself of it. My doctor gave me catspres patches to help with the withdrawals and it is also good for aniexry and depression

Thats a great suggestion.
Thank you for sharing your information with me. Il speak to my GP and see if i can use these patches.
fingers crossed. Hope they work.
Thank u once again

I wear the morphine patches and take Percocet at the same time for pain. I also take Xanax to help me relax and sleep at night. Unfortunately I only get about 2 hours sleep a night because I have 11 rescue cats who keep me awake during the night. I try and reduce the amount of pain meds as best as I can but rely on the Xanax to relax me.

Thank u for ur input robert. Hope you get more sleep lol

Im just hestiate to use other pain killers along side morphine because then maybe il become addicted to them. Has this happend to you?
I take paracentmol or i did try codine but again codine is addictive so i stopped that before i got too carried away.
The patches i think are a good idea but what if im still not getting pain relief…??? Do you take morphine on top of having the patch for relief too?