Leaving as a moderator


I’m sorry to say that I am stepping down from the volunteer moderator position.

I will stay with Ben’s Friends Myositis support group and will share my personal e-mail for anyone who can’t contact me through Ben’s Friends for any reason.

I wish everybody well,


Nikilee766 (at) yahoo.com or click on icon and then on envelope. (edit by Seenie)

Nichole, on behalf of everyone at Ben’s Friends, and the members of this community, I want to say thank you for volunteering. As fellow sufferers of rare chronic diseases and conditions, we understand that conditions and times change, and not everyone can volunteer forever.

We’re glad that you’ll not be far away, though, and we’re glad that you’d like to stay in touch. For your internet safety, I’ve modified your email address information to make it a bit less attractive to scammers. I’d also like to remind everyone that clicking on Nichole’s avatar will bring up an envelope icon. Just click on that, and send her a private message.

Again Nichole, thank you for your service and all the best to you.

Seenie from Moderator Support

Thank you so much Seenie!

I wish you and all of the folks at Ben’s Friends the very best.