Fwd: Holiday Help and Best Wishes

We know. It’s been another long, tiring, frustrating year. We hope you will have exactly the kind of holiday that you want and need. But we also know that the holiday season isn’t always the easiest time for our members.

If you are feeling lonely, or you just need to touch base and talk, please remember that your Ben’s Friends community is there for you. Although your community may be very quiet, the Ben’s Friends team will do our best to make sure that you will be able to make contact with someone from Ben’s Friends right through this holiday season.

Here’s what to do:

First: go to your Ben’s Friends community and start a discussion about what’s on your mind. Get started by clicking on the + in the blue circle, lower right of the community page.

Then, at the bottom of your post, key in @ModSupport . That will alert the people at ModSupport that you have posted.

Before too long, you should hear from someone.

If you are really desperate and can’t wait for a response, please go to your community and click on “Crisis Help Line”, where there are links to professional helping organizations. (These links work without logging into your community.)

On behalf of Ben and everyone here at Ben’s Friends, best wishes to you and yours. Let’s hope for a warm and peaceful holiday, and many good things in the year to come.

All the best

Seenie and the ModSupport Team



It has been a most difficult year for me I am an extraordinary pain from the worse of muscle mass my brain is extremely active and I see my body deteriorate I am frustrated I am stressed out I am anxious and I and I am quite depressed I don’t like not knowing what my future is Going to be like I don’t like the way it is now last night I had gotten no sleep I wasn’t feeling well for maniv hydroperform an IVIG infusion And don’t feel well again today nobody understands what difficulties come when you lose muscle all of your body I cannot type anymore I could barely lift up my arms I can’t eat by myself I can’t sit up I can’t walk I can’t do anything except lay in bed and watch television it’s very difficult I am looking for some therapy through my Is medical insurance and I’m looking for some help in my everyday needs it needs but I have to constantly wait and wait and wait I don’t understand understand why there isn’t more research being done it’s been done on Polymyositus