Donor Thank You Video


The moderators were contacted recently with a great opportunity. I'm hoping you may want to be involved!

Some of the following was copied and pasted directly from Scott Orn's e-mail that the moderators received:

Ben's friends is a 501C3 Non-Profit, registered with the IRS, so raising money is part of what we have to do to keep Ben's Friend's going and be able to help one another through the free site.

We are about to kick off our annual fundraiser and Ben's Friend's is looking for some volunteers to film a quick video thanking the donors.

We've done these in the past and they've been a big hit. Here are a few: Alina -; JC -; Jasmine -; Seenie - and Jackie -

Another example is a quick video Scott received from Opportunity International when he donated last week. This video is personalized: - if there are some volunteers to do personal videos, that would be amazing. But that may be too much.

Anyways, if we can get 15 Thank You Videos, that would be wonderful. Please volunteer. Just take it with your smartphone and email it to us ( or upload it to YouTube with a Title like "[Your Name] - Ben's Friends Thank You 2014"

I'll be making my video tomorrow. I think it's great to put our faces out there so the donors know who they are helping!

I'm making one, too - I'm so scared! lol

I'm about to make a video...I have a cold so I will sound even worse than usual, but I figure if I keep putting it off, it won't happen!!

I can't wait to see it! I'll be doing mine sometime this week when I look normal... Haaha!

Oh my gosh, I just recorded it like a million times and went with the least awful!! Good luck! I'm sure yours will be great!

If I waited to look normal, it would be a while, lol!!