Bactrim/high dose antibiotics for DM


My doctor has me on 50 mg of prednisone and is adding high dose antibiotics to prevent possible lung infections, though I have no infections right now.

Has any one else had this prescribed while on prednisone?


I started out taking it but I was taken off. I have been battling this since 2012.

Hmmm... I have read that some doctors believe that autoimmune disease stems from some type of infection in the body, however I don't believe that this isn't a theory that is embraced by many. I haven't had any lung issues myself, so I have not gone through what you are experiencing, but from what I do know about antibiotics, is that the longer you are on them, the more likely your body is to build a resistance to them, so you should only be on them if needed.
Did your most recent lab work come back showing a possible start of infection?